Our approach

Our specialist autism services offer a person centred and autism friendly approach for every autistic individual for whom we provide support. We have a company wide autism strategy that ensures staff are well trained bringing up to date knowledge and research into our everyday practice. Our services provide specifically tailored support packages which offer a consistent approach, while  maximising the gifts and skills that each person brings  releasing their potential to lead  a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Our services provide:

  • an understanding of autism and the varied way it can impact on each individual
  • supporting people to understand themselves, their needs and aspirations
  • good structure to a meaningful day for each person
  • visual support, IT and multimedia software to aid communication
  • positive behaviour support using a range of low arousal approaches
  • the development of confidence to engage in community settings, thus enabling integration and engagement

We know when we meet an autistic person that we need to listen to them and also to their family in order to understand them and to be able to build their sense of well-being. We recognise the significance of the ‘special interest’ for each autistic person and we want to celebrate their passion as well as support them to engage in the world and their community.

Our Autism strategy is led by our own Autism Advisor who works alongside other members of the quality team ensuring an autism intelligent approach in all that we do and offering bespoke support and guidance to the managers of our specialist autism services.

We acknowledge the importance for people to have choice and control in their own lives. We also understand the challenge that choice presents to autistic individuals and so with support and guidance we enable people to cope with choice. We aim to support people to learn that being in control does not have to become just the most predictable choice,  but can really be making an informed choice once they have been given the time and experience to truly know what each possible choice means for them.

At Accomplish, our services look to make a difference in the long term, using a step by step plan for each person. We know that moving forward in a positive way can take time and we are prepared to give people the time it takes, to go at their pace but to ensure progress and development really do happen for each person we support.

Support at Accomplish is provided  by experienced and well trained staff who have progressed along our bespoke autism training pathway. We ensure the interventions we use are autism specific and  selected because they really do achieve outcomes for the individual.

Successful outcomes are achieved firstly by listening to the individual but also through the support offered by knowledgeable and skilled staff.    We go on a journey from being autism aware to being able to offer autism friendly support to ultimately providing autism intelligent practice that can ensure outcomes are reached for each person we support.  Our approach is person centred but it is person centred in an autism friendly way.

Transition planning

We know that transition and change can increase anxiety for the autistic person which is why we offer structure and consistency in our approach.  Not that change won’t happen but rather with the right support the very genuine experience of stress that changes can create are reduced by our autism aware approach. 

We make good use of pre visits, personal information booklets, photos, maps, schedules, time tables, social stories and comic strip conversations on paper and via a range of technology.

Profiling each person’s autism

Our starting point as we listen to the individual   is to begin to profile their autism to ensure we understand the impact it has.   This process brings out the strengths and skills and explores the challenges that autism can present.  Together goals are set to maximise those strengths and to ameliorate the challenges taking full account of the diagnosis of autism.

Our staff training covers much more that generic approaches to working with autistic people and includes methods research has shown to be positive and productive including Intensive Interaction and a range of social skill development programmes and therapeutic interventions like adapted Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.


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