Taith Cartref

About Us

Taith Cartref supports 13 adults with complex Mental Health Needs, Learning Disabilities, and Autism. Our mission is to provide professional and personalised care, rooted in respect and a deep understanding. We believe in celebrating individuality and tailoring our support to meet the unique needs of each person we support.

Our Approach 

In a world where the emotional demands of mental health can make everyday life challenging, we understand the struggles individuals face. At Taith Cartref, we’re all about transforming those challenges into opportunities for growth and hope.

Through our extensive experience, we’ve discovered that when we combine support based on a deep understanding of individuals’ needs with a positive attitude and unwavering commitment to recovery, remarkable transformations occur.

We understand that recovery is a journey and through our outcome focussed
approaches, we support people to achieve their goals and aspirations. We follow the Recovery Model whilst using tools such as the Recovery Star. Taith Cartref supports the individual’s journey through the recovery pathway which comprises of a step-up flat, a residential service and independent living accommodation within our studio apartments.

We can support people who:

Have complex mental health needs

Are Autistic or may have Learning Disabilities

Are stepping down from a forensic/secure, hospital or prison environment

May be under section 7, 17, 25a, 37, 37/41, 117 of the Mental Health Act

Have a personality disorder

Are subject to a CTO (Community Treatment Order) or DoLS (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards)

Are subject to MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement


Within the main house are nine en-suite bedrooms. There is a large shared kitchen, dining room, lounge and mindfulness area. In the garden there is a patio with a summer house to relax in.

There are two self-contained flats with independent entrances, as well as access to the main house. Each flat is equipped with a kitchen and a wet room, and they are wheelchair accessible. The flats can provide intensive staffing support for individuals experiencing mental health crises or those with ongoing needs. Additionally, there is an option for individuals who require limited staff assistance but would benefit from a home with 24-hour support.

Our two studio apartments offer a clear progression pathway within a residential support setting. This pathway creates an opportunity for self-development and maximal personal growth, catering to individuals with complex health and social care needs. The apartments serve as private spaces for staff to facilitate skill development or coaching sessions.

Individuals can experience a trial of independence within a setting that offers 24-hour staffing to assist in the development of their life skills. Our semi-independent transition studio apartments are specifically designed to enable those seeking greater independence to take their initial steps within a safe, risk-managed environment.

Success Story from Taith Cartref  

Jan’s* arrival at Taith Cartref marked the beginning of a transformative journey. She carried the weight of shyness, anxiety consuming her, unable to meet anyone’s eyes. Her past held a labyrinth of complexity, leaving her bewildered by her own emotions and the necessity of daily medication.

Yet, within the embrace of her dedicated key-worker, Jan found solace and trust. Through sessions of recovery support, the compassionate staff unraveled the mysteries of her illness, enlightening Jan about the importance of her daily tablets. Empowering her to take ownership of her well-being, Jan embarked on the self-medication process, dispensing her own medication with gentle guidance. Today, she confidently manages her repeat prescriptions, carefully safeguarding them in her personal medication safe.

Jan’s journey towards self-discovery didn’t stop there. Discovering her long-lost passion for baking, she courageously donned her apron once more. With the support and encouragement of her mentors, Jan baked her way to victory, earning accolades in the prestigious Accomplish ‘Bake off’ competition, hailed as the creator of the most delectable cake in all of South Wales!

Though Jan cherished visiting her family in Carmarthen, relying on staff for transportation had been her only option. But her key-worker saw an opportunity for growth. They embarked on an adventure, navigating the labyrinthine routes of buses and trains together. Overcoming bouts of anxiety along the way, Jan persevered, triumphantly making her solo journeys from Clydach to Carmarthen every week.

Jan’s extraordinary progress cannot be understated. She now stands at the precipice of a new chapter—supported living. The transformation from a timid and bashful girl to the radiant and confident woman she has become fills our hearts with immense pride. Jan’s story is one of resilience, courage, and triumph over adversity.

* Name has been changed for confidentiality

Ethos and Values  

Accomplish’s Taith Cartref service is part of the Keys Group, a family of care and support providers, including Accomplish, Keys, and Peak, who share a common goal of delivering the best outcomes for those who choose our care. We have recently launched a new set of values that embody our beliefs and principles.

At Taith Cartref, we embody the EPIC values of Excellence, Passion, Integrity, and Caring.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to achieve the highest standards of learning, development, and performance in all that we do.

Our passion for delivering the best outcomes for those in our care is evident in our ambitious and committed approach to care and support.

Our integrity and transparency in our work is reflected in our honest and transparent communication and sharing of results and learnings.

Our caring approach is centered on showing compassion and empathy, placing those in our care at the centre of all that we do, and always putting the people we support at the heart of all our actions.

Summary and contact details

  • Support Type: Mental Health
  • Capacity: 13 Adults
  • Gender: Mixed Gender
  • Location: Gellionen Road, Clydach, Swansea, SA6 5HQ
  • General enquires: 01792 849 259
  • Email: info@accomplish-group.co.uk

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